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How to create a blogger blog for free and profit from it 2022

In a previous topic, we talked about how to create a blog and benefit from it, and to get a blog, there are several options - host a blog on your domain or get a free blog. In this topic, my dear followers and visitors to the blog ( abouelmagd tech احمد ابو المجد 2 ) we will learn how to make a blog on Google or how to make a Blogger blog 2022, a significant number of us are without a doubt searching for a method for dealing with the Web and benefit from this work.

create a blogger blog
how to create a blog for free 2022

Creating or making a site and profiting from it is one of the best and fastest ways ever to profit from the Internet, but some may ask how to make a free site, especially beginners or people who do not have experience or capital, and here there is no need to worry, you can through the Blogger platform create a blog Work on it and also profit from it all for free.

But in the beginning, many questions may come to your mind and want an answer to these questions. Of which:

  1. What is a blogger? What is implied by making a Blogger blog?
  2. Is making a Blogger blog free or does it have to pay cash?
  3. Can I earn from the blog?
  4. Do I need to have blogging experience to create a Blogger blog?

Answering all questions is very easy:

First: What is a blogger?

Blogger is one of the free platforms provided by Google, which can be worked on for free and you do not need any subscriptions from you just by creating a Google email.

After creating the email, you can use the Blogger platform and create as many blogs as you want. Meaning, we can say that Blogger allows you to create a free website.

Second: What is meant by a Blogger blog?

It is a small model of website that you can create a blog, work on it and control completely. Through this blog, you can share your subjects and articles and benefit from them.

Third: Do you have to make a Blogger blog to pay cash?

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, Blogger is one of the free platforms affiliated with Google, so creating a blog is completely free and does not require any expenses, Just have an email for Google products or create a Gmail account, and you can benefit from all the services offered by the Blogger platform.

Fourth: Is it conceivable to benefit from the blog?

The response is that you can benefit from the blog in more than one manner, and surely, the awesome and least demanding way is to benefit through Google Adsense advertisements. All you have to do is create a Google Adsense account and through this account, you display ads on the blog and profit from those ads. You can visit the following topic to learn how to create a Google Adsense account.

A full explanation of the Google Adsense account after the 2022 updates

Benefitting from a blog isn't simply restricted to researching Adsense promotions however there are numerous alternative ways that you can profit from and benefit from utilizing the blog.

Benefitting from a Blogger blog is likewise the most straightforward, best, and quickest kind of benefit from the Web and the least work.

Fifth: Do I have to have a lot of experience to create a Blogger blog?

Working as a blogger or creating a blog (Google free website creation) is very easy and does not require much experience in this field, as there are many help centers provided by the A Blogger platform is provided to help you create or configure a blog and also work on it.

So far, there is no doubt that now everyone is eager to know how to create a Blogger blog and how to work on the blog.

Important tips for creating a successful blog

  • You should pick a reasonable and alluring name for the blog.
  • The name of the blog must be appropriate for the content you will provide.
  • It is desirable over make a blog in the very field that you present through your YouTube channel.
  • It is better to create a blog in the field you love and have experience in it. So that you can earn faster and better.

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