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How to create a blog and profit from it - Lesson One

You want to create your blog on the Internet, right? Otherwise, I wouldn't be here on the blog ( abouelmagd tech احمد ابو المجد 2 ) to read this article! Undoubtedly, a great idea, and if you implement it and invest in it well, it will bring you many positive results. Creating a successful blog may be your way to getting rich and making a profit from the Internet.

How to create a free website or blog and profit from it
How to create a blog and profit from it

In any case, you might ponder now: How can I create a blog and benefit from it? How do I start? The Internet is teeming with different information and every website you consult tells you something different from the one before it. Here, you may start to think that it is difficult and impossible, and you may eventually change your mind and back away from taking this step. You do not have to miss this golden opportunity or give up on this dream, because in today's article we will put in your hands the correct way how to create a blog and profit from it online.

Important tips to follow when you need to create a blog.

When starting a blog, some tips must be followed to prepare it in the best possible way, and these tips are as follows:

1- Choose a blog topic

  • This is done by thinking and searching for a new, distinctive topic that has not been addressed before with the aim of excellence, bearing in mind that this topic will be an attraction for many visitors.
  • This step depends on its success, on searching for blogs covering topics similar to what was chosen, and on learning how to write on such topics.

2- Find a blog hosting service

  • This service is what allows users to store and upload their web files, including images, videos, games, articles, and more.
  • These services are either paid, i.e. you need to pay a monthly or annual fee for this service.
  • Or it is free, such as those that allow users to create a free blog such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

3- blog design

After you have chosen the topic for the blog and chosen the hosting company that contributes greatly to the ease of access to the blog by all people connected to the Internet.

The step of creating and designing the blog comes through choosing a distinctive and interesting design for the blog, bearing in mind that this design is commensurate with the internal content of the blog.

4- Make sure to develop an integrated plan for the blog

This point is one of the most important factors on which the success of the blog depends, as it is necessary to develop a firm and clear plan, and this is done by determining the number of publication times, whether it is weekly or monthly, with full compliance with the prescribed number.

In addition to the need to determine whether the blog will be self-sufficient, that is, the owner of the blog will rely only on himself to raise posts, or will he use some bloggers to do so?

5- Writing content

  • Content is the most important factor by which visitors are attracted to the blog, so some points must be taken into account when writing it, and these points are as follows:
  • Ensure that the content is simple, as simplicity in writing advertising content is one of the strongest and most important writing skills, as it serves as a strong attraction for readers.
  • Be careful not to overwhelm your visitors with too many useless texts.
  • Hence, care must be taken that the expressions used are common among people in their daily lives.

6- Keep writing

One of the most important things that a blogger must consider when creating a blog is the continuity of writing and publishing without stopping for any reason, to constantly update the blog.

Part 1: Create your blog

Writing for a blog is a productive wellspring of income and sites can be made and kept up with without any problem. Envision a day-to-day existence where you are paid to compose on the things that make a difference to you, at whatever point you need and any place you are. The sheer adaptability of writing for a blog makes it simple for you to unwind, loosen up, and take some time off at whatever point you need.

In this article, we will look into the profitability of a blog and create our blog at no cost! to take advantage. Read on!

First - How to have a blog

To have a blog, there are several options - host a blog on your domain or get a free blog. For starters, let's talk about free blogging. You can have a free blog at www.blogger.com or the newer (and best!) www.wordpress.com. If you are technical, you must have heard of WordPress, a free, powerful blog engine that is infinitely expandable.

Google already owns Blogger.com, so it will be detected on Google's radar faster and indexed faster. Notwithstanding, Wordpress.com is a moderately new choice so I don't correlate with the speed of ordering via web crawlers. Nonetheless, WordPress is better as it has further developed highlights like Trackbacks and Classes. You can likewise deal with your sidebar connects all the more proficiently (erring on this later).

Get a free blog on either Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger ( http://www.blogger.com/signup.g )

Next, introduce yourself by publishing your first post on your blog and tweaking the options and templates.

Here are some common "blog-related" words to help you out:

  1. Permalink - A permalink is a permalink, which is a URL (Uniform Asset Finder) that leads to an individual post that you create on your blog.
  2. Feedback - Your message will appear in the Comment section when you post about someone else's blog post elsewhere. In any case, this element isn't accessible with a Blogger.com account.
  3. Pinging - Blogging seems to be associated with a ping almost every time either one is mentioned nowadays. Pinging is the procedure in which a particular aggregator is notified whenever your blog is updated so that the aggregator can display your most recent blog post on their website. This is a useful method of gaining traffic, which we will discuss later.


For now, I'll let you test out your new blog and the features that come with it. In the following articles, we'll discuss the many ways we can monetize a blog, as well as tips on how to write posts that keep visitors hooked and keep coming back for more!

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