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What do you know about LinkedIn and why is it the most trusted network?

Social networks, the most famous of which is Facebook and its secrets, but there is already a social network that is almost free of fake accounts that exist. You will say nonsense and if you find it will be within the walls of the utopia! But believe me, that network exists in our real world, and we are talking here about "LinkedIn", the most credible network of communication. Below we review the reasons why it deserves this title.

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What do you know about LinkedIn and why is it the most trusted network?

The Essential Reason Why There Are No Fake LinkedIn Accounts

Perhaps you will think that the LinkedIn network asks for a lot of proof if a user registers for a new account, such as an ID photo, a passport, etc., but on the contrary, the platform does not ask you for any of the above, simply because it is naive for a person to register himself with a fake name within a business platform! The reason for this is that the platform's main goal is to grow the business and find new jobs and clients, not to be entertained or post pictures of banquets, scandals, ridicule, and so on.

This does not mean that the LinkedIn platform has few pioneers, but on the contrary, it crosses the threshold of 800 million users, most of whom are real people, and their virtual identity does not differ from their identity on the ground, unlike most communication networks, which for this moment still contain young people impersonating girls and names! Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons why users do not casually reply to messages and the like on social networks except LinkedIn because any message is often a new deal.

LinkedIn is more civilized

This does not mean that LinkedIn users are from Mars, not at all, most of them have accounts on other social networks, perhaps with fake names! But the truth is that it is a business platform first, which means that the user shows himself with the greatest degree of responsibility and polishes his image to the fullest. It is very normal for a user to post a funny selfie on Instagram, but it is almost impossible for a user to post a picture on LinkedIn without a tie or work clothes.

LinkedIn is not without ads, but the priority is for business!

Some users are surprised by the ability of some social sites to read their thoughts. It may happen that a person is returning from work with one of his colleagues and the conversation between them is about: “How hungry I am” and suddenly when someone opens the Facebook application, he will see ads for restaurants near him. Of course, it's not magic, but the messaging application's microphone, which picks up speech and then analyzes it through complex algorithms to deliver the appropriate advertisement. The matter does not stop here. Always sites have hundreds of ways to impose ads on the user, and they can even change public opinion at times, as happened in the case of Trump and his first elections.

The reason for this is the reliance of communication sites on advertisements mainly, unlike LinkedIn, which does not rely on advertisements only, "almost a third of the revenue", not to mention that the advertisement is from the same users and targets certain things that correspond to a certain number of users, including employment advertisements, for example, unlike most of the rest of the sites that will appear You have all the burger restaurants near you as soon as you whisper the word hunger!

qualitative trend

Perhaps the name of Elon Musk and Twitter is currently at the top of all search engines except for LinkedIn, which could very well be led by one of his companies, Tesla, for example. This is because LinkedIn tries as much as possible to keep users up-to-date with news related to their business and never cares about the controversy surrounding prank programs, which are real or just a representation, which means attention to content and type.

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Posting Responsibility

This does not mean that LinkedIn forces you to count to 10 before you hit the share or publish button, nor that the provisions regarding cybercrime are severe within this platform and lenient with others, simply that the LinkedIn community is an active community looking for achievements and opportunities Without anything else, except that posts on LinkedIn appear with your name and photo, which we don't see on Twitter right now, and the term "currently" by the way is due to Elon Musk's mood, which could very well change even the Twitter logo!


Is that you will not need a blue sign on LinkedIn to prove that you are a real person and do not impersonate one of them, because the majority of LinkedIn users are real people with real names, unlike the most famous communication platforms, because LinkedIn is a specialized business platform, and specialized does not mean that it is for the elite, never it is a communication platform for the public, but it was able to strict laws are friendly, which we don't see on most social media platforms.

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