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The basics of getting search results How to get your website on top of search results In this article we learn how to get to the top of Google search results and get targeted visitors to your site and get your site to appear on the first page of Google and other search engines. Search engine optimization is the main factor in the first ranking. Learn the importance of search results. And how to take advantage of it.

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Basics of getting Google search results

Search results are released

SEO is what search engines and Google spiders depend on. Google robots search for articles on blogs or websites, then determine whether the article deserves to appear on the first pages of a search engine.

Of course, search engines are looking for something in the article, and we will mention it to you in the form of points to understand the lead in search results, and the main thing is your understanding of how Google thinks about choosing the important article and raising it on the first page.

All you have to do now, dear visitor of ( abouelmagd tech احمد ابو المجد 2 ) blog, is to understand this article well and focus on it from beginning to end to benefit and learn about the correct ways to publish Google search results without anonymity and with complete ease.

How search engine results are published

  1. First of all, writing an exclusive article is one of the most important search engine ranking factors.
  2. Paying attention to keywords (the target keyword) and the number of keywords present in the topic.
  3. The number of words in the article must be greater than the number of words for the appropriate articles for you.
  4. Focus on writing the article on the sub-headings and make sure that they are not repeated in the search results.
  5. To be ranked first in Google results, you must format your article professionally and distinctly.
  6. You have to use synonyms correctly, which guarantees you the lead in search engines.
  7. Do not use (words stuffing) the keywords because they negatively affect the search results and are considered spam.
  8. Use the internal and external links to link the articles to be ranked first on Google.
  9. Write in your distinctive style from others and avoid spelling errors, as this helps to rank among the search engines.
  10. The most important introduction and conclusion in the article, and put points, quotes, and numbering to publish Google results.

Simply how to top Google search results

The issue of search engines, in general, is the summary of your personal experiences in blogging and learning from the mistakes that you have made in appearing for your article or blog in the search results. your blog.

If you review the article of your competitors and see how this competitor is published in Google search results, you will learn many secrets of exporting engines to Google or other global search engines and benefit from real visitors.

Analyze your competitors’ articles, which is a way to publish Google search results. This analysis is what makes you a blogger who easily leads in any article you write and stay away from random work with Google search engines. It will return search results to pages far from the first page, and you need, of course, to be on the page The first for search engines.

Therefore, we are well aware that the issuance of search results is the result of your intelligence and your idea of developing your site and also comes with clean SEO and work on analyzing Google search results for your competitors and learning from mistakes and avoiding them.

Pay close attention to the points we mentioned previously, the title above is at the top of the search engine results.

The best way to get Google search results

Now for your articles to be ranked in Google, we have found the most important Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that have proven correct and powerful, and that will make you stand out from the crowd. So, brought to you by abouelmagd tech by ( abouelmagd tech احمد ابو المجد 2 ), let's get started,

1- Your article titles should be readable and short

According to various research conducted by many SEO specialists, short URLs have the potential to rank higher compared to URLs that are comparatively longer. The search engine also prefers short URLs. So, whenever a new page is published, make sure you choose a title that is short and readable. For search engine optimization.

2- Put the target keyword in the URL

For example, your website address is www.abouelmagd2.online, and you are creating a page about SEO in which the keyword is "higher ranking", so the link should look like this: www.abouelmagd2.online/seo. So your URL should have a higher chance of appearing in Google results.

3- You must use equivalent keywords LSI

When you type in a specific keyword in a Google search, you will see a set of suggestions under it. The Google search engine has become highly dependent on high-quality content that is relevant to each other. Including these keywords LSI synonymous with your content as side headings or in paragraphs, ensures that you appear Your site is in a lot of search terms and therefore ranks better.

4- Post long and easy-to-use content for visitors

The longer the content, the more LSI keywords your article can include, and as we know, Google determines search positions based on LSI keywords. As a result, if you want your search engine ranking to go up, you need to increase your LSI word count.

5- You should improve the click-through rate for your article title

There is something of great importance in your site's ranking, which is the click-through rate of the page title in Google search, to improve this rate Make your article title attractive and eye-catching, and use odd numbers, and question marks as well as buzzwords.

6- Use backlinks in the sense of external links

We'll put it simply, external links are so named because their job is to send visitors from outside your site to another website.

Therefore, sites with external links rank higher than sites with only internal links, which is why they are important.

This shows us that Google considers external links an essential factor in the search results.

One thing you must remember while linking to other sites is, always link to sites that are related to your site and that have a high authority because their authority may affect your site.

7- Use the internal linking between the pages of your site

Internal linking allows visitors to navigate through your website easily. It also helps in setting up the information hierarchy on your site and articles.

It also helps to pass the ranking strength on the site from strong pages to weak ones.

8- Pay attention to the speed of your site

Today, site speed is an essential factor in the lead, as many sites have lost their lead because their speed is too slow. Use website acceleration plugins that compress CSS, js, and other codes.

Also, reduce the ad units affiliated with Adsense or other of your pages. To speed up your site or blog, this is one of the most important basics of leading search results on Google.

9-Include photos, videos, and presentations in your articles

To provide the best possible UX (User Experience) user experience, you must add multimedia to your content and make it attractive and engaging for visitors. Use of multimedia such as videos, maps, graphs, and photos.

Users will stay on your page for a long time, which will boost your website's ranking. This increases your chance of being on top of Google search results.

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Frequently asked questions from most website owners, we give them a short answer, which is as follows:

How do I catchwords in the Google search engine

  • Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) Take care of the SEO of your site.
  • Add targeted keywords to your articles.
  • Monitor (Search Engine Optimization) Monitor your site constantly to ensure that the results are issued.
  • Make sure your content matches the search term.
  • You have to reduce the bounce rate on your site.
  • Search for keywords synonymous with the same keyword as the Target Step.
  • Publish high-quality content as we know that content is the king and is the basis for being at the fore in search.
  • Create backlinks to your site. Backlink work is very strong to remain a leader.
  • Track your results and monitor them in Google Webmasters.

How do I improve my site with targeted tags?

  1. Make sure that your keyword is at the beginning of your article title.
  2. Make your articles not less than 1000 words to have a greater chance of being ranked first.
  3. Add your target keyword 3-5 times to your articles.

Does updating articles help in search engine optimization?

Of course, you must constantly update your content continuously to always remain in the top search, and constantly follow your site on Google webmasters to make sure that you are always on top.

If you update your content with up-to-date, reliable, and valuable information for your visitor, you have a better chance of being on the first pages of search engines and always being on top.

Google search results are released

Many procedures help bloggers to rank in the Google search engines, and the most important thing is to rely on exclusivity in writing your article, and this helps you appear on the first pages of Google.

All bloggers should abandon copying the content of others to speed up writing their articles, this makes your entire site far from being the first in the first results of search engines, whether in the search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, or many others.

Google List items are important to all content creators, and determining the first niche for a long time has required hard work, especially on articles with good results and competition in search results to benefit from targeted visitors from Google.

How do you rank in search results?

The process of exporting search results is somewhat complicated, but for professionals, it is very easy because its main reliance is that you are familiar with all aspects of Google’s requirements to be issued, which is short.

  • Your content should be very good, exclusive content only for you.
  • To be the adjuster of your site's settings for SEO.
  • Use attractive titles and exclusive thumbnails.
  • Writing high-quality SEO-friendly articles.
  • In The process of issuing search results, the blogger must know all the details.

So when we answer the word how to top the search results, the answer is good content and good knowledge of the top factors from which your success in blogging begins. Simply write long content. Without spelling errors. With important keywords related to the same article. And not to go to paraphrasing or duplicating content. Self-reliance in writing, blogging, and good knowledge. Once you provide high-quality content, you always top the search results.

How to top the search results on YouTube?

Exporting YouTube search results is the same technique we use in articles. Meaning that if we give the description and keywords our full attention, the video will top YouTube. But it is not only the description and keywords but also the internal content of the video itself that forces the viewer to stay longer in it. This gives a statistic for YouTube bots that this video is loved by the public and has achieved the top spot, and in this way, it tops the YouTube search engine.


Google is the same company that runs the YouTube platform, so you find the same technology at the top of YouTube search results that you use on sites. Therefore, we find that paying attention to the description, keywords, and content of the video, because it is a visual content of high value and quality, is one of the most important things in the search results on YouTube. Provide important videos that benefit the viewer and provide him with useful information, in that case, you will renew a large fan base who watches your videos, and from them leads the YouTube search results.

How to make your site the first search result on Google?

I want to make my site the first search result on Google, this is a frequently asked question. The answer to it is simply to adjust the settings for the SEO on your site and provide good, exclusive content that is not copied or reformulated. Follow many channels that provide explanations and important information in leading Google search results for your site. You will find many channels that provide tips and secrets that will make your site the first search result on Google.

In all honesty and integrity when you ask how to make your site the first search results on Google. The answer increases in the content, and as we mentioned before that, content is the king through which Google search results are topped, and through which you also make profits from your blog or site, so I advise you, dear reader, to consider your site as your project. And you have to write and blog continuously and insist on providing exclusive high-value content without that you will not top in Google.

What is the most common goal of SEO search results?

The main goal of each website owner is to improve the performance of the site and top the search results is to reach the targeted visitors and provide useful information, and then profit comes in the sense that when you top the search results, you make more profits through the entry of a large number of new users and visitors to your site. This comes from our use of basic methods and methods that enable us to improve search engines for your site, including the so-called SEO. I advise everyone who works in the field of blogging, that you are present from your content, whether to provide a service or to profit from Google Adsense.

When your primary goal is to top the search results on Google, you find many obstacles, the first of which is the intense competition between sites, so you have to take care of the infrastructure of the website to enter this fierce competition.

SEO is not an easy word, but you should learn to learn and know all the basic requirements for being ranked first on Google. It takes time and effort, but in the end, you build the fruit of your profits from your site or blog when you reach the desired goal.

A good glimpse at the top of Google search results

When it comes to the search results, we must work hard to know the basics of leadership, the most important of which is good content, the valuable content that the visitor benefits from. So when you read this article, you will find among the basics and factors that issue the search results is the exclusive high-quality content, which adds value to visitors. In your content industry, you must take into account the leading factors, as we mentioned, the most important of which is the quality of your content.

And far from copying and paraphrasing the content, so we always warn you not to be lazy about writing exclusive content. The quality of your content is what gets you to the top in search results and attracts many audiences to view your site and articles, and thus get profits from Google AdSense ads.

Always be distinguished Always be different from others in something to succeed in your field and make profits from it. Google Adsense does not like the weak, but always prefers those who continue to create and present good content. Therefore, you must write exclusive content that you own to be distinguished from others.

Being at the top of search results is easy to avoid

When you adopt this idea of basic thinking on your site and your channel, you start to take the lead. Catch tough keywords and start topping Google's first search results. Although it was somewhat difficult at the beginning, with time, you will be the leader in most of the articles that you want me to lead in, all thanks to the good content. Leading in search results is easy to avoid. This means, that when you learn it at the beginning, it is difficult, but after writing the content and knowing the easy ways to get ahead, it will be easy.

Therefore, I advise everyone who works in the field of blogging to adhere to Google's standards in leading search results and to adhere to SEO standards in writing their articles. Blogging is a fine profession that suits you, whether you are a writer, editor, or content creator. Being on the first page of the search results is evidence of your success in providing good content. The meaning of the word good content is content created by your creativity. Always make sure of this. Creativity and excellence in blogging make it a goal for you to succeed in it.

Provide your own unique content

To summarize all of this in blogging, you should stay away from paraphrasing and stay away from copying. And only provide your unique content that the audience will be interested in and benefit from, so you will be valuable to the visitor on your site or channel. And the viewer benefits from it. This is what is called high-quality content, useful content for the owner of the site and useful for the visitor himself, which is what is required. Therefore, I advise you, the reader, to commit to providing distinctive and high-quality content to be on top in Google, see your site constantly visits, and earn profits from Google Adsense. The only secret is excellence and providing information and benefit to the visitor, then you will have completed your work to the fullest, and succeeded in the field of blogging.


At the end of the article, I thank you for the followers of the blog ( abouelmagd tech احمد ابو المجد 2 ). I hope you liked and benefited from the article. Thank you, I wish good luck and success to all. Leave your impression of the article in a comment. May your days be good.

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