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8 apps from Microsoft that deserve to be on your phone

We pay good numbers, and in most cases the price of our cell phones is high, so why not take advantage of its high potential as much as possible? Some people have used their sometimes limited mobile capabilities to make cool stuff, documentaries, novels, books, engineering drawings, graduation projects, and advertisements, thanks to a clever metal rectangle! Only 6 inches tall and a strong will, whatever the tools. 

"Take more time for it, I shouldn't for even a moment mess around with a personal growth address, I need a Word application on your PDA." The advice I heard from a neuro designer in one of his experimental writing addresses incited me to feature the best Microsoft applications for cell phone proprietors.

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8 apps from Microsoft that deserve to be on your phone

Microsoft doesn't just mean a software company, it means a guiding arrow that leads you to success Microsoft is progressing silently fast, despite its impressive budget allotted to developing its business, unlike other companies, they don't bother advertising their products, they just excel, and maybe that's why The reason we don't see their apps on mobile phones is that they grab the headlines, but that doesn't mean they don't excel in this area, and I'm happy to present you the eight best of their "non-office" apps for Android and iPhone that you can use for free.

1- Microsoft Lens app

Sometimes we need to send images of important documents and official papers in other formats and formats than the usual image formats for printing or office use, and the good thing is that you can with your mobile camera lens and Microsoft Lens app, scan any image or any type of different text even handwritten and save it for months Formats used in office transactions such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX or PPT. Then share it with whoever you want or sync it with the rest of your devices and upload it to OneDrive cloud storage. There are a lot of similar applications, but for a Windows user, Microsoft Lens is a reliable and easy-to-use tool, and you can easily download it to your phone from the store.

2- Microsoft Translator app

Imagine being able to understand people speaking to you in over 50 languages ?? directly without needing someone to translate for you! Microsoft Translator can provide instant translation in more than 70 languages. It also provides the ability to download different languages ?? for offline translation, don't forget the sentence translation feature using voice input, typed text, or erasing from images. It also has a feature that allows creating a live translated conversation across more than one device using the same app. Just like the technology used for live translation in international conferences, all these features are completely free and you can try them after downloading the app from the store on your phone.

3- Microsoft To-Do app

Need an Executive Secretary who works for free for life? Microsoft To-Do is the solution and will only cost you a small space in your phone's memory! Microsoft to Do is an important task management app. It permits you to set updates for your undertakings, take notes about significant things, and plan your occasions. The application likewise shows labeled messages from your email.

This component is extremely valuable as it makes it simple for you to add updates and set cutoff times straightforwardly from Standpoint. Microsoft To-Do has a great mix of support from other Microsoft administrations. It makes it simple for you to arrange and oversee undertakings across various administrations and gadgets. You can design your day with To-Do and get to it from your telephone or PC. It also allows you to take notes and attach various files to your tasks, simply Microsoft To-Do is a highly capable and free Executive Secretary at the same time.

4- Microsoft Planner App

Do you remember our article about Linux Penguin? Specifically about the method used to discuss system development which we have described as too primitive compared to modern technical means? Then did you ask what are the modern methods of project management used from a distance? Microsoft Planner is one of the most important of these modern tools, specifically an app for managing your projects and tasks with a team. It permits you to work together and make collaboration successful. Create and organize new plans, manage and schedule tasks, assign people to different tasks, and much more. Planner provides an easy-to-use interface so that you can manage your plans visually, and it allows team members to see each other's progress as well. If you are looking for an app to manage and develop your project with a team, then Microsoft Planner is the perfect solution.

5- Microsoft Family Safety app

If you are looking for a parental control app from a reputable company, you may want to try Microsoft Family Safety as it allows you to protect your children from the unsafe world of the web with parental controls. You can also monitor your child's online activity and screen time, allow you to block or allow certain apps or games, and Family Safety lets family members stay online with location sharing. Location tracking features also let you view the places your family members visit most frequently, and you can get alerts when a family member arrives at or leaves a location. The application produces driving reports that incorporate maximum velocity, telephone utilization, and courses, and that's just the beginning. You can download the app for free, but note that some features require a subscription.

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6- MSN Weather app

Microsoft's weather service is the most famous of all, how not and it's always on the taskbar of every Windows computer, and offering this service on an Android Mobile is pretty cool. MSN Weather is one of the best and easiest-to-use weather apps, it gives you the latest hourly, day, week, and 10-day forecasts. The application also provides alerts for unusual weather conditions, you can check the forecast using the available maps. Shows temperature, humidity, precipitation chances, UV index, radar forecast, and much more. The application likewise shows you the hour of dawn and dusk for your areas. It is also possible to add many cities to your list to track the weather while traveling.

  • Download the app: Android - iOS (Currently not available)

7- Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft's web browser has been improving over many years. It has great coordination support with other Microsoft administrations and applications. The program gives numerous valuable highlights to perusing the web. You can also sync passwords, history, favorites, bookmarks, and other browser data across devices, Edge browser is now a competitor to the major browsers in the world. Its unique features include shopping assistance, password, group security checks, and more. Assuming that you are a Windows client, you can have the best involvement in Edge.

8- Remote Desktop App

For whatever reason, sometimes you need to access your PC even if it's far away, that's easy with Remote Desktop, a handy app from Microsoft that lets you access your PC utilizing your telephone when you're away from your work area. Or in your home, the app also allows you to connect to your PC’s virtual apps, exchange information, support full control of your PC or any Windows PC that needs your help, and is 100% free and secure.

Finally: Microsoft strives to develop its systems and products to ensure complete control of the digital world. She may have made mistakes sometimes, but now she is taking advantage of her mistakes, and we don't know what Microsoft has in store for us "in the field of applications" soon.

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