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What are virtual reality, its technologies, and applications?

The term virtual reality is very widespread in the current era, and this term can be considered controversial if you look at it based on syntax only, how can it be real? and virtual at the same time?

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What are virtual reality, its technologies, and applications?

Do we know what virtual reality is and what is the correct definition of it? What is its impact and uses in education, and what are the techniques and applications of virtual reality, this is what we deal with below, so continue to the next.


Define virtual reality?

It is not possible to generalize a unified definition of virtual reality because of the vastness of this field, and the multiplicity of its images, but in general, virtual reality can be considered: a simulation of human reality by software applications or by computer, and aims to make people live a reality-like experience, where virtual reality supports Stereoscopic, three-dimensional, and can interact with human senses through the movement of hands, headphones, body movement, temperature, and many methods of interaction and reactions, all according to the application of virtual reality that we deal with because this varies according to the sensory information and technologies used in virtual reality who we are dealing with.

What is virtual reality?

Visual experiences that are displayed through stereoscopic devices, or special devices, can be considered among the most prominent definitions and refer to virtual reality, and virtual reality can be defined as an environment made through a computer and its various accessories, and dealing with and using virtual reality using special tools such as:

  • HMD is a head-mounted helmet with one or more screens that enables you to see 3D objects and hear sounds at the same time.
  • Input devices such as mice and keyboards are also important tools for virtual reality.
  • New tools such as the triple joystick and special balls.

types of virtual reality

In light of this, it should be taken into account that there are types of the virtual world, which can be limited to three main types in addition to the continuous development and predictability of other types, but in general these three types are:

  1. Peripheral virtual reality: This can be considered via a computer and multiple input devices. You see virtual environments, but peripherally when you're outside of them.
  2. Limited virtual reality: This is done by simulating some properties of the real world, such as the effect of gravity, but without going into too much detail.
  3. An integrated virtual reality: you feel that there is neither a computer nor the world. You are completely inside virtual reality, interacting, integrating, being affected, and directly and completely through special tools.

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Virtual reality in education

Since the emergence of virtual reality and the spread of its technologies, education has received a large share of developments through virtual classrooms, classrooms for education, in addition to games that improve learning skills based on modern technologies, and many projects such as Virtual Reality Laboratories and Education (VREL) that work On giving real and effective meaning to children while learning, where there is the famous Jason project that will work on the development of children as well, where there are virtual theaters, virtual museums, and many effective applications and virtual reality has a great impact in the educational field, for example, the use of special touch gloves, Which is used to strengthen the integration in virtual reality, so that you can touch and feel objects at different temperatures, to achieve a perfect experience in virtual reality.

Virtual reality, its technologies, and applications

3D glasses such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR glasses, and other glasses that enable you to watch 3D videos and also enable you to play powerful video games on your computer are the most popular devices that rely on virtual reality technology.

There is also an important and effective virtual reality application: Fulldive VR, with which you can watch videos and play 3D applications, there is a special application store, and through it, you can also communicate with your friends around the world.

Oculus Live is a virtual reality goggle that can't be overlooked, and everything it contains is 3D in high definition and for free.

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