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Ways to speed up the Samsung Galaxy mobile to get rid of slow and jittery

With the use of Samsung devices for a while, the Android system becomes slow as a result of downloading harmful applications or not updating the system. In the previous article, we talked about the most famous causes of slow Android phone and its treatment 2022, and today we will talk about the easiest ways to speed up the Samsung Galaxy mobile and speed up the Internet, downloading and games, and ways to get rid of slow phone Smart and recurring Samsung devices lag without doing a factory reset.

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Ways to speed up the Samsung Galaxy mobile to get rid of slow and jittery

1- Update the Android system in your Samsung Galaxy mobile to the latest available update

Make sure to update the Android system in the Samsung Galaxy mobile to the latest available update, taking care to take a backup copy of important files and things and perform a factory reset after the update, so that you can enjoy the better and faster performance of your phone with various applications.

Also, use the Files Go app from Google to see all the apps installed on your device and delete the apps you don't need or don't use daily.

2- Clear unused apps on your Android device to speed up your Samsung device

Review the applications installed on your Samsung mobile and their files, as you must delete the unused applications, especially the large size, which consume memory and cause slow Samsung Galaxy mobile, all you have to do is delete these applications that are not needed to speed up the mobile.

You can also replace heavy applications with light applications on your device that do not consume more limited RAM, and you can search through the Google App Store by the name of the application you want with the addition of the word “light” or the word “mini”, to download the lighter version or the widget of the application you want.

3- Use an additional microSD card in case the device is slow

Most Samsung Galaxy devices come with a small internal space, which causes the mobile to slow down with many applications and fill the internal memory, so you must use a microSD memory card compatible with your device, besides, it will provide enough space that allows the user to easily and quickly deal with his phone applications, which will reduce pressure The internal memory of the phone increases with the increase in the size of the cache files when browsing the Internet.

4- Clearing the cache files on the Android device speeds up and reduces fatigue

Any application that you run on your phone records a set of files that contain the data of your use of this application and how you use it, and they are stored inside the phone's memory, and therefore if you delete these files periodically, you will feel that your phone's performance is better and faster.

You can clear these files from within the settings and then into the applications, and from within each application clear the cache files.

5- Organize your Samsung mobile home screen

The simpler your phone's home screen the less time your phone takes to display it, so it will be faster in performance, and you will be able to move more easily and smoothly between different applications.

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6- Turn off auto-sync

We usually register our social accounts on our phones, which automatically makes them sync periodically throughout the day to those accounts with the latest updates and what our friends have posted.

7- Stopping apps from running in the background makes your Samsung device faster

Many applications require user permission when downloading to run in the background continuously, even when not using them, so the user has to enter the settings of applications that he does not use continuously and disable the application.

8- Download the File manager app for easy access to photos and videos

We often keep hundreds of megabytes of files, such as photos, videos, text files, and others, and we may forget about them, but when it comes to the speed of your device, as we explained with you in the Five Steps website, you have to visit the File Manager and search all the files on your phone And get rid of everything you don't need.

9- Avoid animated wallpapers and large apps

The simpler your phone's interface and home screen in terms of details, the faster and smoother the phone's performance, as well as avoiding large unused applications that consume memory and battery.

10- Finally, do a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy mobile

If the Samsung Galaxy device does not respond to the previous steps to speed up the system and stop the slow mobile phone, take a backup copy of the contact numbers, files, and important things for you, then perform a factory reset on the Samsung device, which is a step by uninstalling all applications, files, photos, and videos And the previous settings on the mobile, and this step is the last solution to restore the speed of the mobile as it was when you purchased the device.

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