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How to get visits to your blog or website in a legitimate way to increase profits

Visitors are the main source to increase profits on any online content, so getting visitors legally is the main concern of all workers on the Internet, in this article, I present to you global sites that may help you get more visitors to your blog or site with ease. is to follow this article and follow the instructions.

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How to get visits to your blog or website in a legitimate way to increase profits

How to get traffic to your blog legally

There is more than one method that may be used to increase the rate of visits, but in the end, only the legitimate methods bring satisfactory results. Therefore, do not try anything on the Internet unless you are familiar with it, and here I introduce you to some international sites that may be a reason to increase visitors to your blog.

Google and search engines

The first goal of all bloggers and website owners of all kinds is to get high-quality, guaranteed, and targeted traffic, and this can only be done through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other popular search engines. You need a solid plan and strategy that sets your blog apart from the rest.

  • Focus on choosing specific keywords for your articles and writing about them.
  • Study your competitors who offer the same content.
  • Learn from your competitors and provide better content from them.
  • Learn constantly how to improve your site.
  • Read and learn about SEO.


Pinterest is a social networking site that specializes in publishing images by writing a description of the image and a title, and then creating a special catalog for each group of images. An image that you upload allows you to add the source link to the image, which will be a link to your blog. Therefore, if your image appears to someone and he likes it, he will enter the site to get it or know more about it. The Pinterest site is effective and appears in the Google image search results, so the opportunity to get visitors from it is very great.


Everyone knows Twitter, and many of us use it daily, but few know that Twitter is a great source of visitors to your blog. It is very easy to get visits from it. All you have to do is publish the article link on Twitter with the most popular hashtag in your country or in the country you target in your article. At the time of publication, therefore, whenever someone enters the hashtag, a link to your article will appear among the results, and therefore if the article is related to the hashtag, it will certainly be visited by many visitors.

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Tumblr site

The Tumblr platform is a platform for content creators that allows them to share links, videos, even images, etc. The idea of ​​​​its work as a blog within the platform is to display your content and it is very easy to use. All you have to do is create an account on it and start publishing your links on it with writing descriptions and hashtags to help you get more visits.

Instapaper site

The Instapaper platform is not a source of traffic, although you publish your links on it, the important thing is that it gives you a backlink to your blog, which increases the power of the blog's domain authority and thus increases your visibility in search engines.

Reddit site

Reddit is a global platform ranked 4 in the United States Reddit is a large collection of forums where registered users can talk about almost anything you can imagine, from news to pop culture, technology, comics, cinema, and literature to the strangest things in the world, including Not safe to work, once your article link is published on Reddit it will speed up your blog archives as well as visits from different countries and it is also likely to appear in search results as well.


Quora is an online community for people who provide answers to questions, and therefore you can answer people with the article link from your blog, so people will enter your blog to read more about your answer, but advice beware not to comment with links directly, but write the answer and write after it for more Read this article.

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