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The popularity of Facebook is increasing every day, and with this wide fame, there are secrets and mysteries in Facebook that many users around the world do not know.

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Facebook secrets and secrets

The secrets and secrets of Facebook vary, as some are related to security, and some are related to privacy and protection from intruders and private publications that you may want that no one sees.

Facebook cheats are increasing with each update. There is a large number of mysteries and secrets on Facebook, and because of this abundance, it is difficult for all users to learn them, so in this article, we will explain the most prominent and most important secrets and secrets of Facebook.

1- Auto Reply to Facebook Messenger Messages

One of the most important features that many users are looking for is whether they are on the Facebook website or application, and you can use this tool to be able to reduce your presence on the social networking platform as much as possible.

You can use automatic replies through a documented site from Facebook and it helps you to provide a response to Facebook Messenger messages and responds to all friends without problems and all this by specifying a specific response to reach the friend who corresponds with you and this site is known as relaxed.

You can easily register by linking it to your Facebook account by clicking on connect with Facebook and they will be linked automatically and all the features will work without facing any problem and you will find that it provides you with more than one response and you can use it for several days for free.

You also can cancel this link through your account to be relaxed, and all you have to do is press turn off and it will be the link on your Facebook account.

2- Ability to publish in the future

One of the mysteries and secrets of Facebook that a good number of users on social networking sites do not know and is known for scheduling publications, and unfortunately not many know it.

This feature sets a specific date for your post to be shared at the time you specified. This is a powerful feature, but many users do not know anything about it. This feature is often used by page owners on Facebook and in marketing campaigns as well.

3- Editing photos through Facebook

There are a lot of tools that you can edit on your photos that you may want to publish, but you may not have experience using professional photo editing tools or applications, and today we find that Facebook offers us wonderful editing tools that anyone can work with, and it has won the admiration of millions. You can add a tool provided by Facebook as an extension in the Google Chrome browser.

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4- Download Videos

This is one of the secrets that you do not know about Facebook, which is the ability to download videos from Facebook without the need for an external program. This is done using tricks and secrets found on Facebook.

This process is done by modifying the Facebook link and this is by deleting https://www and we put the letter m in its place until the page appears in the position of the phone and you will be able to click on the clip you want and then choose to save and the clip will be downloaded to your device.

5- Save Posts

Another one of the secrets and subtleties of Facebook, which helps you to save posts that may draw your attention, and all you have to do is press the three dots in the post and then click on “save post” or “save post” and you will find it in the box with the name “Save”.

6- Find out what has been liked by friends on Facebook

In this step, you will be able to see all the photos and videos that your Facebook friends liked on Facebook, and this is done by following a simple and easy step to perform on anyone.

It is writing in the Facebook search engine photos liked by and then the name of the user who wants to see the photos of users that he liked, and then click on the search option and so you will be able to see what he likes.

These are the most important secrets of Facebook, and there are also many secrets and hidden features of Facebook that only experienced users know.

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