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Does a VPN increase internet consumption and how do you control it?

VPNs are one of the best effective tools to secure your internet connection with access to blocked internet sites and it has a lot of other benefits, however, there are lots and lots of questions that concern VPN users such as does use a VPN affect internet speed and is a free VPN safe, And many more, but today we have another important question as well, which is, does use a VPN increases the consumption of the Internet package and is it possible to control it? 

Using a VPN slows down my internet speed Does using a VPN slow down my internet speed Does using a VPN slow down my internet speed
Does a VPN increase internet consumption and how do you control it?

The short answer is yes, indeed the use of VPNs will increase your Internet consumption, as virtual networks lead to an increase in sending and receiving data through different servers, which may lead to an increase in consumption by 5 to 20%, but what is the reason for that, Can this be controlled? This is what we explain to you in detail in the following lines.

How do VPNs work?

To know the extent to which VPNs consume data, we must first understand how VPN services work well, and the way all VPN services work is similar in that they create an encrypted connection between users’ devices and their servers, and this will protect you from prying eyes or the parties you want In knowing which sites you visit and what your internet activity is like which ad websites you want to know your interest and the things you search the most to show you relevant ads but VPNs protect you from this completely.

Now when you send and receive data through the VPN you are connected to, that data is completely encrypted so that it is not operable or usable until it reaches the user and this provides an extra layer of protection for the users. It is worth noting that the use of the Internet, in general, is based on sending and receiving data between users’ devices and the websites they visit, including written content, images, videos, and other content, and the cookies installed by the webserver can track every page you visit, but the VPN works to prevent This also happens.

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How much data does a VPN consume?

What makes VPNs consume more Internet data is that they encrypt data and this will lead to an increase in consumption by 5 to 20%, depending on many factors, including the protocol you are connected to, and VPNs prevent direct communication between the user’s device and websites The Internet as it acts as a mediator in that process, and this will certainly affect all the operations you do on the Internet, including browsing different websites, watching videos, downloading files from the Internet, and so on.

For example, suppose that your data consumption will increase by 10% when using a VPN and you want to download a file from the Internet with an area of ​​1 GB or 1024 MB. This means that the internet consumption will be exactly 1 GB when you are not using a VPN, but when using a VPN The consumption will increase from 1 to 1.1 GB or more than 1127 MB, and this will certainly apply to all the activities you do on the Internet and this may lead to a significant increase in consumption in the long run.

Can internet consumption be reduced?

There is no way to avoid the excessive consumption of the Internet due to the use of VPNs as this happens because the data is encrypted and transmitted through different servers which are essential for all VPN service providers, however, if you have a limited Internet package this may be the case It is a concern for you especially if you need a VPN urgently, in which case you can try to customize the use of VPN for only necessary cases such as accessing restricted websites, etc. other things that cannot be done without a virtual network.

However, if you do not have a problem with the consumption of the Internet and you have a large package, then in this case there is no need to worry about using a VPN as the rate of increase in consumption remains very limited, but it is also necessary to make sure to use high-quality VPNs and of course, The service should be paid if possible as the free services have a lot of flaws both in terms of security and data consumption.

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