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If you are trying to buy a desktop computer or laptop at this time, there are a lot of tips that you must do to make sure that your system lasts for as long as possible without having to change it. Most users do many traditional things such as installing the Windows you want and installing some programs you need, and sometimes you will find a group of programs that you do not need and then you install some games and then think that you have finished all the things that need to be done, so you should read this article to learn about the most important things to do immediately after buying a computer new.

8 tips you should do after buying a new computer
8 tips you should do after buying a new computer

1- Know your original serial number

The most important step that you should take care of after buying a new computer or laptop is to obtain a Windows license for that laptop. You will notice the high price of the computer that contains the Windows system, because of the license now. To obtain your license, you have to look for one of the stickers that are located at the bottom of the laptop or on the computer carton with the word Product Key written on it. That number written is your original serial as well. It applies to if your computer contains Microsoft Office programs and you should know that there are some features that you will only get in the original copy of Windows compared to the pirated copy.

2- Download Windows Updates

One of the most important steps that all computer users should take, especially because it protects you from the most important modern viruses, and certainly you have previously heard about one of the most dangerous viruses that have spread in the recent period, which is the WannaCry ransom virus. Microsoft introduced it after the virus outbreak.

3- Install the tariffs

Now if you have purchased a new computer that has a pre-installed Windows system and all the parts in it have been defined by the company, you must take a very important step, which is to get a backup copy of your computer drivers, but if you assemble a computer from scratch, you will need to You install the drivers yourself.

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4- Remove default programs

Now what are the default programs or bloatware are the programs that you find on the computer by default after purchasing it, and some or most of these programs may not be needed and their purpose is a promotional presentation of the program by the computer manufacturer, so you should delete such programs because you do not need them You won't use it and it will hurt you in the slowest computer process and it will take up a lot of space that you may need.

5- Know your service code

You have to know that each laptop has the service code that distinguishes it from Service Tags and the benefit of this code is very great because through it you will be able to identify some of the features of that computer that you may not know or download the definitions of that computer and it will keep you informed of all available updates for the quality of the computer Your laptop so you should keep it or photograph it for reference at any time and most of the time it is at the bottom of the laptop on a label.

6- Install antivirus

Antivirus is one of the first programs that you must install after buying a new computer if it does not have a pre-installed program because antivirus programs are very important to protect your data and privacy on the Internet and while you are using the computer, and also to get rid of or protect against viruses that arise daily. Also, update the virus base of the program and the program periodically and continuously. You can download the antivirus you want through this article, all the protection programs that you know and that you do not know.

7- Temperature and ventilation holes

One of the most important things that you should take care of when buying a new computer or laptop, but we will assume that you have already purchased a new computer or laptop. Buy a laptop cooling pad to keep it in a stable condition without problems for as long as possible.

8- Necessary things

In the end, I will mention to you a set of the most important things that you should take care of to preserve your computer in the event of any problem that you may encounter. The first of these things is a burned memory stick on the Windows system, and we have already mentioned how to burn a copy of Windows on flash memory, and the second thing It is also necessary to obtain a copy of the horn but cylinder to solve many of the problems that you may encounter.

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