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The best way to transfer personal data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone

Are you thinking of buying a new iPhone? Yet, in the wake of mulling over everything, it turned out to be obvious to you that you will experience a few troubles with respect to the data and personal records stored on your old Android phone, and indeed you will want to transfer them to your new iPhone, but you do not know-how.

The best way to transfer personal data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone
The best way to transfer personal data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone

in this article, we will present to you the way through which you will want to move information From your old Android telephone to your new iPhone and the entire cycle will just expect you to change a few stages.

Transfer data from Android phone to iPhone easily

Everyone knows about the sensitivity and fierce competition between Apple and Android products, but for Apple to include a significant number of users after giving them up on Android phones, it introduced an application that enables the personal data of the Android phone user to be transferred from his old phone to his new iPhone, and this is the obstacle that was It comes across Android phone users and makes them back down from the idea of ​​switching to an iPhone but now it's easy to get around.

Move to IOS - Transfer data from Android to iPhone application

The application was recently sent off in the Google Play Store under the name "Move To IOS", and it is the key application that empowers you to transfer data from the old Android phone to the new iPhone... The transfer process includes transferring all of the personal data only by transferring the message history, contacts Communication, photo album, video clips, and the most beautiful thing is that you can download applications on your Android phone and available for iPhone devices directly during the transfer process, for example, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others...

Requirements for transferring data between an Android device and an iPhone device

  • Before proceeding with the data transfer process, you must make sure that your Android phone and iPhone battery are full to avoid any problem during the transfer process (as a more fitting arrangement, associate the charger to the two phones until the cycle is finished).

  • Once the transfer process begins, it is recommended to leave the two phones aside until the process is completed, and then you can use them normally, especially the Android phone.

  • Both devices must have the same Wi-Fi network, and it is also recommended that you have an internet throughput in case of downloading applications.

Instructions to transfer data from your Android phone to the new iPhone

We will continue to clarify the technique in two phases, the primary stage is to set up the iPhone for the transfer cycle, and the following stage is about the Android phone

The first stage

After the formatting process for your iPhone, here automatically, the phone will ask you to set and modify some settings for the phone to work with you, and this is normal, but the point is that you enter the necessary settings until you reach the “Apps & Data” settings window, here you will have to You should search for one of the options that enable you to transfer data from the Android phone to the iPhone in your hands... Just search for the “Move Data From Android” option.

After clicking on the Move Data From Android option, a window with some recommendations will pop up for you. Simply click on the Continue button until you get a window with a blend of numbers that will empower you to confirm the two phones to begin the transfer process... And with this, you may have finished the first stage.

The second phase

Straightforwardly on your Android phone, download the Move To IOS application from Google Play.

After you open the application, a window will show up for certain suggestions. You just need to tap on Continue, (a significant issue, you should ensure that you have finished every one of the focuses connected with the past stage...) until you get a window with a crate for entering numbers, and here you just need to Enter the numbers you got on your iPhone, and when you enter the numbers you got on your iPhone and as soon as you enter the numbers correctly, the authentication process between the two phones will start.

Then, at that point, a window will spring up for you through which you can choose what data you need to transfer from your Android phone to your IOS phone. All you have to do then just mark everything you want to transfer and finish by clicking on the Next button to start the transfer process.

important note

Once the transfer process begins, leave both phones aside to avoid any problems, in addition, that, the transfer process takes longer, and this is due to the strength of the organization that associates the two phones, and furthermore the volume of data that is transferred between the two

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