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How to make your website top search results?

SEO is a set of rules and policies that search engines like Google, Bing, etc. follow so that websites are ranked higher than others and appear in search results, and when we take into account ON SEO activities, then the results are clear.

Google search results are released
How to make your website top search results?

Many people want to get their blogs and websites to rank first in Google search by optimizing their SEO, and they always wonder why their websites in search engines are not making a big impact on their website visitors.

What is SEO?

SEO is one of the important criteria in its tremendous ability to analyze and measure the efficiency of any site, as it contributes to reaching customers easily and building credibility between the site and customers, and enhancing the number of visits to the site and audience interaction. This affects the purchase of goods within the site and attracts a large number of advertisers.

SEO benefit 

SEO is one of the factors that help to a very large extent in raising your site to the first results on the search engine because it contains a lot of modern technologies. It offers you many modern techniques, and the most important of these techniques are:

  1. Pay great attention to external links within the site, where links are created when taking into account the high quality of the content.
  2. Strengthening the brand: This strategy helps to enhance the influence of the brand, especially through shared videos on YouTube, and the brand name appears in front of many on social media platforms so that the brand is stable.
  3. Available Questions There are many common questions that users and visitors want to know the answer to, so there should be a Q&A section where you can work on SEO improvement.
  4. When you sign up to work for companies, when you include business details on the Google Business platform, it uses this information to improve external search engines.
  5. Answering All Questions The site owner should take care to answer all the questions people ask on sites like Quora, Answer, and Yahoo. This is similar to the "Forum" technology and the way to participate in it. This element serves to greatly improve internal search engines.
  6. Using social media platforms to advertise and promote the company's products and services. Social networks share photos, videos, and other content with the public, which attracts them to visit the site.
  7. Marketing through e-mail, as many are interested in this guaranteed and effective way to attract more visitors to the site because it is characterized by speed and flexibility.
  8. The ads posted on the site attract more users who visit the restored visits. One of the important ways in which this site’s content and participation in social media can be increased is to participate and contribute by spreading the word and increasing the number of user participation.

The importance of SEO services in the success of your website

Search engine optimization (SEO) content is divided into two main types:

1 - internal SEO

It is used to maintain internal site quality, including improving search engine rankings and site archiving such as:

Improve the article description to make it grammatically correct and understandable. Put internal links inside the article so that the reader can discover other articles. Add keywords throughout the article to improve SEO. Improve article images, especially the title image, so that they are clear and readable.

2 - External SEO

Its purpose is to provide a better appearance of your site link within other sites, to show your site's link in social networking sites and facilitate its display and archiving of articles, or to create an external backlink.

If you want your article to rank for search results and the speed of its archiving, you must apply internal and external SEO simultaneously within the article.

Internal and external links? And the difference between them

Internal links are specific to the pages within the site, and external links link the pages of the site to other pages on the Internet. It will depend on your needs and preferences, but internally linked pages can positively affect how search engines index and prioritize your site.

Internal links on the site are also controllable and can be modified or deleted, unlike external links that are not controlled.

The external link is known as "Backlink" or "inbound link", which is a link on your site that leads to another site by clicking. These links may be used on your site to refer to other sites. It is also found on other websites to indicate your location.

Links to your site are an essential element of your site's ranking. The more external links pointing to your content, the better your site will rank, and the more valuable your site will be to Google. Without external links, it may take Google a long time for your site to be indexed and ranked. Web crawlers visit the most popular and popular sites, and your site must be popular and widespread to achieve indexing and ranking.

Tips to take care of to get the search results ranked

  • Pay attention to the quality of your content on the site and work to update it continuously.
  • You should also improve the content to suit all age groups.
  • You must use keywords within the main paragraph.
  • You should use the page that contains the answers and questions.
  • You must also add the meta descriptions correctly.
  • Adding the comments feature within your site.
  • Work to link with a site of high strength and quality.
  • Lazyload should be used for photo and video clips.
  • Fixing SEO technical errors.
  • Work on distributing links between poorly ranked pages.
  • Using this keyword URL will help you more in getting results in addition to being short.
  • Use some of the necessary tools to get the keywords you need, such as this tool and other tools.
  • Finally, reduce the page bounce rate.

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