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Explanation of IFTTT | And the ability to automatically post your new content on social media

The Internet and its applications have become an integral part of the lives of modern societies, but it is a lot of confusion, don't you agree with me?

When Facebook appeared as a website and was considered the most popular social media, for example, but not limited to, and it is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world and the second most popular Twitter site, and it achieved tremendous success, many began to think seriously to work from home in creating a private social networking site.

Explanation of IFTTT
Explanation of IFTTT | And the ability to automatically post your new content on social media

In the context of those who succeeded, such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, a social blogging platform, and of which none of these steps succeeded, and in light of this confusion and conflict, we need to access two accounts, but dozens of accounts in the list of major social networking sites and non-social media also.

So putting us in a whirlpool is an inevitable issue, and it must be approached from all angles and you will only get out of it by pulling your feet, but among the worst things in all of this, is the possibility of adopting the management of all those sites at once.

It is not permissible, for example, to open any group of links with a single click and try to manage them all at once. The matter becomes more and more difficult for us, of course, especially if you are a frequent Internet user or a person with entrepreneurial tendencies that depend on social networking sites (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube) as a primary backbone for her in expanding her business.

Of all this volcanic ash, it flows from our commitment to this Phoenix work, and indeed IFTTT has taken its name perfectly.

And it is an abbreviation of the word If This Then This, and we will explain in the rest of the thesis what exactly this group of words is, and can also ... a detailed explanation on this topic, of great benefit that you reap for your use of the free IFTTT tool for sure.

Explanation of the IFTTT application?

Is IFTTT, how it works, and how to take advantage of the unlimited services provided by IFTTT, which is a set of web pages that offers you an integrated services card for all your accounts that refer to social networking sites, not only social networks, but can extend to certain programs such as Skype site Free calls over the Internet sometimes, and it may reach the ability to find your Android or iPhone as well, in the IFTTT service of integrated technology solutions services if you want to facilitate the management of technical projects using one of the management tools through social media sites, or also manage your location tracking On all your devices and all this at the click of a button.

On the IFTTT site, it allows you to enter a group of social networking accounts and click on Merge all on the site, you can control this and that, such as drinking water for patients with kidney failure, after the work experience passes, you can select a set of options that allow you to reunite The most used social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, for example, you modify the way you choose one of the existing reports so that everything you publish on Twitter can automatically publish new content on Facebook or vice versa, we will explain it to you precisely in the subsequent paragraphs.

If by IFTTT website interface:

After entering the site and creating a new Google account, and in the context of entering it, you will notice over time that it has a very simple and wonderful interface, it contains three main tools at the top of the side, click on the site account. At the top of your account settings page, on the opposite side.

  • The first is Discover, and it seeks to access the search for Applets (we will explain later about that).
  • The second is Search, which is concerned with searching for specific applications.
  • Recent My Applets To see my previously selected Applets.

You will also find on this site what you are looking for, in its interface that it suggests to you many and many useful patterns from the set of Applets specific to a certain type of classification, for example, Applets We Love, which is the strongest group of Applets in the context of the type that you love or that you use a lot (it appears in the user image With Blogger a lot because I don't wait for a favor from anyone in Blogger), and there are multiple styles of these gatherings.

All of these things may be mentioned, of course, for every programmer, that the language used for the site is Ruby on Rails.

All you need to know about IFTTT?

Well, as I told you (for the second time) the tool IFTTT, which is an abbreviation for the phrase If This Then This, simply. In other words, there are two parts to that phrase, the first of which is the cause or the first factor, so to speak, which is defining the intended meaning of If This, and the second is The applied event or action and the other factor, Then This.

The first factor is the verb that contains the thing that the user will do, well, as I told you, it can be any social media, yes, the correct thing is, for example, the publication of the page on Facebook, or click on the publish and share icon. Then click on the Copy link to Tweet option, so you can paste the link to the tweet anywhere and share it, open the Android phone, or create all the video elements myself and choose the option to upload a video to YouTube, and the options are very many and different finishes, and let's choose, for example, "publish to a page on Facebook".

The second factor is the movement and action or the action that must be done about the implementation of the first act. If the other is true, it is “publishing on a Facebook page”, the reaction is to publish the same post on Twitter, or republish posts on Instagram .. etc., that is, simply, you will get back what you made with Applets on this site, which is about "If I post on my Facebook page, you post the same post on Twitter".

What are Applets?

The situations referred to in the previous paragraph include the so-called Apples and are about "if I post on Facebook, post on Twitter", but it's hard to live with always using my Applets. Ideas and things, if they rotate, are almost limited, right, so this site helps you to publish social networking links and on Skip many situations, and he says to you, “Go ahead, dear.” Here are some of the Applets made by other users, and here are some events that help you control, and it is enough to choose the right way from them, what you want, then click on them and modify them with social accounts, and here you may It made it easy for you so that people interact with technology a lot.

What is the point of the full explanation of the IFTTT tool?

The supreme, highest, and primary goal of the site, is to enable you to manage social networking accounts professionally, for me, for example, as a blogger, I create a group and choose its settings from the blogging apps, such as publishing any blog I write automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Instapaper, and the list goes on and on, yes, as soon as I publish this post now, this progress at the same pace will be published in all those sites automatically on all social media - except for Facebook because I didn't do it - without any trouble And before, before using the IFTTT app, I had to go to each site separately and post on each site one by one, and it was very cumbersome because this add-on made it so much easier for me, and it will make it easier for you too.

Here are some great Applets ready to use -- IFTTT Explained:

If you post a link on Twitter, post it to your Tumblr account: here.

(You will notice here that if you publish a post to Twitter, it will also automatically be published on Tumblr.)

Here is a set of Applets dedicated to the Android phone, such as locking it at a specific time or sending a message to someone at a specific time: from here.

I'll let you choose the best Apples from the site via the Discover feature.

So here I leave you with this site, but if you have any questions or anything like that, feel free to ask in the comments and I will gladly answer you, dear brother.

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