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6 Important Steps to Speed ​​Up Your Blogger Blog 100%

In today’s topic, we will talk about the speed of the Blogger blog and its relationship to the friendship of search engines, as we talked before about SEO, which is a term that means search engine optimization.

We also provided tips for everyone who has their own website and improve the visibility of the site in search engines, so today we will explain how to speed up Blogger blogs by applying 6 important steps.

Speed ​​Up Your Blogger Blog
6 Important Steps to Speed ​​Up Your Blogger Blog 100%

The importance of blog speed

  • Increasing profits
  • Articles are published in search engines
  • Fast archiving of articles
  • Reducing bounce rate

Steps to speed up a blogger blog

Step 1: Use a fast, search engine friendly template

The template used helps a great deal in promoting the blog and leading search engines, so you should choose a template that is fast, light, clean, and free of malicious codes. Of course, these specifications are available in the paid blogger templates. After all, they are the best that you can use in the blog because they are characterized by the speed and cleanliness of codes.

Second Step: Link the blog to the Cloudflare website

Cloudflare is one of the best free sites that help speed up and protect the Blogger blog, as it provides distinguished services for the blog, such as:

 1 - Compress javascript & CSS codes

 2 - The broccoli feature, which is an important feature for diverting and accelerating traffic via HTTPS

 3 - rocket loader feature to speed up content display and delay display of images and ads

 4 - You can also use the under attack feature to protect the blog

Step Three: Delete Inactive Add-ons

Plugins are codes that are downloaded from the blog, and they reduce the speed of loading the blog by a large percentage, so in most templates, you find that codes are chosen to delay the loading of codes and properties. for the site.

Fourth step: delete malicious scripts from the site

Scripts use a lot of site resources, so you should reduce scripts as much as possible so as not to be the reason for delaying the loading of the site page, especially ads on the home page.

Fifth step: Compress images and convert them to web format

As we all know that the images that we put inside the article are of great importance, as they are the first thing that appears to the visitor as soon as he enters the article, so the images must be of small size and at the same time of high quality, so we will provide you with the best site to compress images and convert them into web format easily.

A site for compressing images and maintaining quality

The sixth step: remove background images from the site and use google fonts

Fonts and images in the backgrounds cause the blog to slow down because of the large number of resources that must be downloaded for the fonts to appear. Therefore, we recommend removing background images and using fonts that are easy to download and also updated to comply with updates.

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احمد ابو المجد
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