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5 things you should do after buying an Android phone

Some may need to change their phone and buy a new one, or for the first time want to buy an Android phone, although it is one of the most used categories now at that time, there are some important things that you should do immediately after buying the phone which is in very important.

5 things you should do after buying an Android phone
5 things you should do after buying an Android phone

These things are not traditional things like downloading some applications and other normal things, but you should know first that there are many conditions that the phone must meet before buying it, but in today's article we will mention the most important steps after buying the phone.

1- Turn on sync

The first step that you must take after buying a new Android phone is to create a Google account or link to your old Google account. Through that account, you will be able to download the applications and games you want, and the most important step after that is that you will be able through that The account is that you retrieve your photos, videos, and applications that are on that account. Therefore, you must turn on the sync feature through the phone settings. It is an important and necessary step in case the phone is lost or if you buy a new phone and want to retrieve photos and applications.

2- Update the phone

The second important thing that you should pay attention to after buying a new phone is to search for available updates for your new phone and update immediately to get many features or to bridge security gaps and remove defects during use. This is an important step that should not be neglected, just like Windows updates are necessary.

3- Securing the phone

As we mentioned before, Android phones have a very large number of users, and therefore the percentage of their use has not increased. It has become the means that is used to record many important and very sensitive data such as personal photos, memories, and other personal matters that not everyone should see, and therefore it is considered one of the most important steps that you must take after buying your new Android phone is to secure it in all possible ways, such as setting a password or patterns for the phone, and you can use the XHide program as an additional security step to protect your photos and data.

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4- Disable default apps bloatware

Of course, if you buy a new Android phone, you will certainly find many applications on the phone automatically, which can be unhelpful for you and therefore certainly occupy a lot of space that you may need, and also some of these applications consume a lot of battery while using them or It consumes a lot of RAM or processor and therefore you will not benefit from it in any way, so you must remove it if you do not need it.

5- Manage notifications and Wi-Fi

It is not one of the important and necessary steps that must be taken, but it is preferable to take it, which is to adjust the settings for notifications and Wi-Fi. To see your notifications, the second thing is to adjust the Wi-Fi settings to save the battery. You will need to go to the phone settings and set the Wi-Fi to turn off when the phone is turned off to save the battery. This greatly affects the battery life of the phone.

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