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4 Best Spotlight Search Alternatives for macOS

All mac OS users know the Spotlight search feature and how it can make your work easier. This feature helps users to find what they are looking for very easily and quickly when using it. It saves them time and is a necessary part of the succession of Mac users.

4 Best Spotlight Search Alternatives for macOS
4 Best Spotlight Search Alternatives for macOS

But can you replace this in-system tool with Apple and use a third-party alternative? Of course, the Apple tool offers a lot of features and Apple is constantly updating them, but external applications are still much ahead of them and can offer different and very distinctive features.

We have collected the best starters of this feature in macOS so that you can easily use it and enjoy its various features.

Alfred App

The Alfred application has the advantage of being able to offer a lot of complex features and functions easily and without the need for a complex or very large interface. Through this application, you can direct various commands to the system such as removing applications or removing external disks, as well as putting the system to sleep if you wish. Via the search box only.

You can also install third-party applications and add-ons to the system so that you can control it better and manage your system information better and more easily.

The application offers the following unique features:

  1. The ability to create special search filters based on one type of file and the size of the search box.
  2. Manage copy and paste folder and keep a copy of the history of files, text, and images inside and the ability to merge them.
  3. Continuously expand the words and phrases that you use frequently
  4. Create automatic work orders to be able to manage various jobs automatically without the need to direct orders or write any orders within the system.

You can download the application for free and use it as well, and the application includes a paid version that you can subscribe to.

Find Any File app for macOS

This app works in conjunction with Spotlight search in macOS by default and does not completely replace it.

As the name of the application suggests, the main objective behind it is to search and find files within various disks even if they are network-connected disks and not local disks.

With this application, you can find the file contained within zip packages or folders that do not appear in Spotlight search, and you can add external disks that do not support quick search such as different NAS systems.

The most important feature is that you can easily access the application through any other application installed on your computer without the need to open the application individually.

Raycast app

This app has a very similar set of uses to the Alfred app mentioned above, but the interface is a little different with a bunch of extra features in it.

The most important feature of this application is managing work schedules and displaying their arrangements, in addition to writing work lists and exporting them to different applications as you wish.

You can also easily install a range of third-party add-ons via the App Store, and view data about files before opening them and during the search box through its side menu.

The application is free, as you can install and use it easily and for free without having to purchase it, but you may need to purchase its add-ons.

Launchbar app

This application can display files and documents related to the search process that you are doing, and thus it can display all files related to this file or searches related to it for easier and faster access to the files you need.

You can also search online easily using the advanced internet search feature inside it, and you can also easily search for emojis by using the feature responsible for them within the application.

You can also easily integrate the application with the various applications on your computer and use it with ease.

But you need to purchase the app as it is available for $33, but there is a free trial version of it.

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