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VPN Software and Browser Extensions: Which is Better for Speed ​​and Security?

The use of VPNs has become popular among users due to the many features that it provides, including changing the IP address, protecting the data and privacy of users, as well as changing the geographical location in order to access blocked content. It is to use an extension on the browser, whether Google Chrome or otherwise, and the second method is by using the VPN program and installing it on the computer.

VPN Software and Browser Extensions
VPN Software and Browser Extensions: Which is Better for Speed ​​and Security?

In general, there are no significant differences between each of the two methods, especially with regard to the level of security and privacy that each method provides, and some may think that using VPN software is better and more secure, is this true? Below we walk you through how each method works, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

What are VPN add-ons and how do they work?

VPN add-ons are simple tools that are installed on the Internet browser in order to make a connection to the virtual network, and from here we can learn about some of the basic features of VPN add-ons, which are ease of use and setup, all you need is to install the extension and then choose the server only, and it will It affects traffic only on this browser and not on the entire device which may make it less secure.

Almost all VPN services work in the same way, which is to hide your actual IP address from the websites you visit and your online activity including the websites you visit, how long you stay on a site, etc., and of course when you install a VPN extension in the Internet browser, only this browser will be affected by the default network. For example, when you install a VPN extension on Chrome, the extension will protect all your internet activity on the Chrome browser only, and when you leave the browser and run another application such as Firefox, the VPN connection ends here.

Advantages and disadvantages of using VPN add-ons

There are many advantages that you can get by using VPN add-ons on the browser instead of installing full VPN programs on the computer, and perhaps the most prominent of these advantages is that the add-ons are light and easy to install and use, and there are many free options that you can use without fees, Unlike VPN programs that are often paid, one of the advantages of add-ons is that you can easily activate and disable them at any time on the Internet browser you are using.

As for the disadvantages of VPN add-ons, the most notable is the speed and security. As for the speed, it is often slower than VPN programs, and it is less secure, especially considering that it protects only the traffic on the browser and not the entire device. Add to this that VPN add-ons VPNs, especially free ones, may track your online activity, find out what sites you visit, and collect data about you in order to sell them to advertising companies.

How does VPN software work on the computer?

VPN software is a complete, standalone application that creates a secure and encrypted connection (tunnel) between your device and the servers of the Internet, which keeps your data highly secure, and unlike VPN browser extensions, VPN software secures all traffic on The Internet no matter what browser you use, and most VPN applications use strong encryption protocols that ensure complete privacy and anonymity, especially professional and paid programs.

Advantages and disadvantages of using VPN applications

In terms of security, full VPN applications are much better. VPN applications use strong encryption protocols that secure the entire Internet traffic, and they work to provide the best secure and reliable connections while trying not to affect the speed of the Internet in any way and this is what makes it much faster than add-ons VPN Moreover VPN apps support multiple devices simultaneous connections, so you can protect more than one device with one account which is not available in VPN or VPN browser extensions.

As for the disadvantages of VPN programs and applications, the most important of course is that these programs are often paid, so you rarely find a free VPN program that works effectively to protect your privacy on the Internet, and it also requires you to download and install an additional program on your device, and this is something that many users may not prefer, but from The main strength of VPN software is that powerful and reliable services often have excellent technical support which helps you to install and run the software with ease.

last word

So in order to quickly compare them, VPN software is suitable for those who are looking for a more secure and reliable virtual network, but it will definitely be paid, while VPN add-ons for Internet browsers are light and easy to use and they only secure browser traffic and they have a lot of Free and paid options.

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