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Explain Pinterest and bring thousands of visits daily

Pinterest is one of the largest and most famous image sites in the world. Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms that contain an infinite number of images and videos uploaded by many users.

Explain Pinterest and bring thousands of visits daily
Explain Pinterest and bring thousands of visits daily

Pinterest was established and implemented in 2010 with the increase in social media platforms and their spread and the provision of various services. The Pinterest site appeared with its unique and distinctive services as it contains pictures of almost everything you can imagine, whether designs, decorations, clothes and their various formats, color compatibility, cooking, and other videos and photos In everything you can imagine.

With the arrival of many people on Pinterest and its use by many users, it has also become one of the platforms that can bring thousands of visits to your website daily.

In this article, we will provide an explanation of a site that will greatly develop your life, Pinterest, Pinterest, in detail with everything related to it, and we will present an overview of the features, services, and information it provides to its users, as well as explaining how to get thousands of visits through the Pinterest photo site.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the very popular platforms on the Internet at the present time, and it is considered as a billboard in which images are published in all fields for users, and one of the site's users can comment on it or like it.

Pinterest is a social networking platform for images, which is increasing the number of Pinterest users tremendously. According to the latest statistics of Pinterest, the number of its users is increasing by 250 million people per month.

There are special terms that you find on the Pinterest application that you do not find on other social media. For example, you find the term Pin, which is used to add images or video to any publication on the site, and there is Board, which is the wall to which you raise publications and Follow to follow people or accounts on the site and the publications that come to you Constantly raising it.

Explanation of how to create an account on Pinterest

Creating an account on Pinterest is not difficult, the whole process takes only a few minutes, and in the next few steps, we will explain how to create one on Pinterest.

  1. First, open the official Pinterest website or by downloading the Pinterest application and click on Signup on the Pinterest site by pressing the Signup button.
  2. You can create an account for yourself by entering your e-mail and entering a password for it, or through your Facebook or Google accounts.
  3. If you register with your e-mail, a link will be sent to confirm the e-mail, click on it.
  4. Click Next, and then select your gender, whether male or female.
  5. Follow the instructions and then choose the language in which you speak and you want to use the program, as well as select your country of residence.
  6. You will then find that Pinterest asks you to choose from some interests that you may like in several areas to choose from, such as photography, eating, decorating, hairstyles, and other different areas.
  7. After you click, you have completed the registration and created an account for you on Pinterest.

The importance of Pinterest

On the famous Pinterest site on the Internet, you will find in each account a group of panels, each of these panels contains a group of images related to each other, especially a specific topic.

For example, if you are an interior designer and are looking for ideas for different decorations, it is possible to find a group that contains many pictures that are inspiring and you can draw inspiration from them, and the benefit of Pinterest can also be educational, where you can make a board for yourself from drawings and images related to a field to learn What's in it all using Pinterest.

Students and teachers can also use Pinterest to display some of their projects and achievements for all students from all over the world to see and share their opinions on.

The most important feature of the Pinterest platform that most website owners use is to get thousands of visits to their sites through Pinterest, by placing a link to an image, and when one of the Pinterest users clicks on it, he goes to the site. And the importance of Pinterest for different sites.

How to get thousands of visits per day from Pinterest

Through Pinterest, it is possible to attract many visitors to websites with high quality, as it has a strong impact in the process of bringing visits to sites for free, as the content on them becomes viral and spreads widely quickly, as it has more than 200 million active users, and searches within the site Pinterest is worth billions.

The fact is also that most users of Pinterest, and statistics have proven that 60% of them are women, enter Pinterest as a first step to plan a purchase, so they are good visitors to the sites if the site aims to sell.

Another fact that makes Pinterest one of the most important sites for attracting visitors to websites today is that Pinterest content is interesting, available to be searched for, and its users spend a long time on it, so the chances of accessing your site increase if you use Pinterest to get traffic.

What is unique about Pinterest is also that posts on it last for long periods, unlike other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in which posts disappear after several hours of their publication, but on Pinterest, you find that the post can continue to appear for months after its publication, It allows you to link these posts, images, and videos with links that lead outside of Pinterest and you may not find this feature on other image platforms like Instagram.

And now, from here to the end of this article, we will explain how to get visits to your site, and increase visits in general to the site through the Pinterest platform in several steps:

1- Create a business account on Pinterest

The first step in increasing visits for free on your site is to register on Pinterest in Pinterest Business, and this registration is free.

Pinterest Business contains a lot of stats and analysis for your content, as well as tells you about the audience interested in what you offer, their interests and analytics about it, and also helps the business account to save your business when you describe your activity through effective keywords.

And by using a business account, you must provide your followers with the opportunity to participate in some activities on the platform, as well as create panels that are open for everyone to share and place from their publications on, which encourages an increase in the number of people who follow you on Pinterest as an initial step.

Your posts on Pinterest must also be of high quality in terms of image quality and colors, they must be attractive to Pinterest users, and the way you choose to send people to your website through it is good in terms of its method and choice of keywords, description, and titles.

And through the statistics of your account on Pinterest Business, you can constantly follow the results of your work and thus improve your strategies if necessary and develop yourself.

2- Check the website link on Pinterest

Checking your site link on Pinterest results in higher results in Pinterest search, and provides access to site analytics and statistics to see what is being shared from your site by anyone.

Verifying your site on Pinterest is a simple and fast process. After you ask Pinterest to verify your site, it will be reviewed first from Pinterest and then it will send you a message of approval of the site, and thus you have completed the verification of your site.

3- Post content on Pinterest

I am interested in making a strategy for you, including creating panels on Pinterest, and posts as well, but what you publish on those panels must be within your specialty in which you work to attract the right audience to you and thus more visits.

Try to use keywords and best for search engines when describing and naming your boards so that your boards and posts are archived from Google and appear to many people when they search.

4- Attention to add a button to share content on the Pinterest website

Adding the share button allows your followers to share the content that you publish on the Pinterest application, and thus it is spread among many people, which attracts more audience to you and thus more visits to your site well.


There is a rule on Pinterest that 20% of the content is yours, and the other 80% is from sharing content related to your specialty and activity.

5- Activate the Rich Pins feature on Pinterest

Meaning that when someone wants to share a photo they liked on the Pinterest app, an explanation of the photo will be shown when they click on it to view it, which helps in attracting the largest number of visitors to the website.

6- Not sharing all photos from your site on Pinterest

If you share photos from your site that you want to bring traffic to on Pinterest, don't share them all, but there is a 10 for 1 rule that you must follow, if you share a photo from your site share 9 photos from other platforms and sites, because if all your photos are From the site you are promoting, your account on the Pinterest network may be banned.

And try to share your photos through a timetable that you set so that you do not share all of your photos at once, so you fill the wall with your followers, and they get bored of you or report you because you become annoying to them.

Finally, it must be said that Pinterest is interested in images in the first place, so make sure that the image you share on it is of high quality, accuracy, and good colors that attract the attention of many visitors.

Also, make sure that the photos that you share are distinctive and not copied from one of the platforms and websites or have the property rights of a person. Excellence makes you known and always gives you priority in any field.

Also pay attention to the continuity of publishing, as Pinterest is one of the platforms that appreciate your activity and your continuity on it, and then considers you one of its active and high-quality users, so try to be present in a permanent way.

Now that you have reached this point of the article, you will find that you have quickly learned about explaining the Pinterest program in detail and its importance among the rest of the other social media platforms, and explaining its terms as a distinguished site for sharing video and images, as well as the mechanism of working on it, and the most important thing that distinguishes our article is if you have a private website You can attract visits to it from Pinterest, and how to increase the number of visitors on it through Pinterest.

Your role now is to launch and start taking care of your account on the Pinterest site, because it is already one of the platforms that will have great importance in marketing and promoting anything shortly and to bring visits to different sites.

Features of Pinterest

  1. Publish your site images automatically in the Google search engine.
  2. Increase Google AdSense earnings.
  3. Helps you archive site articles faster and appear in search engines.
  4. Increasing the number of visitors to your daily site through the images inside the articles and blogs.
  5. Increase your YouTube channel video views.
  6. It helps you to increase your sales if you work in the field of affiliate marketing or you have a store that sells products.

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