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Change the name of Facebook to Meta Facebook to Meta

In light of the attacks on Facebook and the criticisms that it is being subjected to, respectively, the president of Facebook decided to change the name of the company to Meta.

Change the name of Facebook to Meta Facebook to Meta
Change the name of Facebook to Meta Facebook to Meta

The decision indicated that the new name will be the main name of the giant brand that has accompanied us for a long time, which is Facebook, and will be changed to the metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg presented the company's new logo, which symbolizes the Greek word "after" and announced that he had chosen this name to indicate that you can always provide something new, and he stated that it will be an alternative to the social networking platform, which is the most famous in the world so far, but with the transfer of this to reality default.

Meta Company's Market Status

As soon as Mark announced a new alternative to Facebook, which was called Meta, Facebook's shares rose by three percent, and it was announced that trading in the name of Meta would start in December under the name MVRS.

It must be noted here that this decision resulted from a large number of attacks and criticism and the lawsuits filed due to privacy violations, so the founder of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the company has changed its name to Meta and that it will move completely to the virtual world.

Meta Profits

After changing the name of the Facebook company to Meta, what happened to the company's profits, did they increase or decrease, and did this have a negative impact or not?

So far, it seems that the matter is very good so that profits continue to rise, and the CEO has stated that his company will continue to reap profits, and this is through a series of new decisions that have been interested in retrying to attract young people again to Meta or Facebook previously instead of turning to social networking sites Others like Tik Tok.

Meta has a very large market share, so it is expected that the company's profits this year will exceed more than one hundred and seventeen billion US dollars, and this is a very large increase.

What does the metaverse offer?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, stated that the change will not be in the name only, but stressed that he wants to transfer the experience to a higher level than it is now by moving to virtual reality, which enables you to play, talk with friends or keep working through augmented reality, and this Through the use of VR glasses.

This, of course, will enable many users to transfer their experience to a different level of fun so that you will be able to live in the virtual world with friends without paying exorbitant amounts, and you may be able to attend some lectures for students. Mark Zuckerberg was able to play on two main points, fun and interest, and this will enable him The spread of criticism was somewhat suppressed.

Knowing that the transition to the name Meta will not be an imitation of VR glasses, but on the contrary, because some global analysts believe that this is the future of the Internet and see that this is the form that it should be and that this step must be taken, especially from a large company such as Facebook And from a genius person like Mark Zuckerberg, and the matter is still constantly evolving every hour from the one before it.

Although the news of changing the name of Facebook to Meta has raised a huge uproar and many questions, so far many Internet users see that this is the best solution and this is the right step that must be taken and that more than one analyst believes that this is just the beginning. And it will be a new era of progress, which must be benefited from in many areas.

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احمد ابو المجد
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