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5 Golden Tips You'll Need If You Have Your Own Website

A website online is a huge responsibility and can be expensive to take care of. The cost of creating a website is high because you not only need to design it but also pay for the domain name and pay for the server space on which you will host your website. The cost of maintenance can be high if your website gets hacked or infected with malware, and this is where you will end up spending more money depending on the type of malware that has infected your site.

Golden Tips for Your Website
5 Golden Tips You'll Need If You Have Your Own Website

If your site is safe and ready for the public, the first thing you will make sure of is whether your web pages are loading normally, and the links are in order, then follow this post with me, where we will share with you some behaviors that cause visitors to get rid of and leave your site.

Get rid of blank pages or 404 pages

To maintain traffic on your site, always make sure that none of your web pages are blank or lead to 404 pages. Because you are simply providing an incentive for your audience to leave your site without intending to come back. Try incorporating questions for a survey and interaction with your visitors, or getting them to sign up for a newsletter, the important thing is to take any kind of action before leaving your site.

Putting social media icons at the bottom of the page

As an online marketer, everyone knows that the period allowed to convince potential customers of the service or product you are promoting is very short, and therefore it is optimal not to place social media icons at the top of your site page because this contributes to redirecting users to another platform and they may not come back again.

Instead of placing social media icons at the top of your website, you can consider placing them at the bottom of your website. And make sure that it's not technically clear, and backed up with your site's content as well.

Do not ask for too much information in filling out the forms

With so many scams out there now, the thought of getting a lot of personal information from users while filling out forms remains a misconception. It is very important that you make your visitors feel confident and relaxed while filling out a form or subscribing to a newsletter, and that this does not pose any privacy threat to them.

Stuffing words in an intense way

Keyword stuffing is the attempt to insert a large number of key terms into your site's content to increase its ranking in search results and get more traffic.

This practice may lead to a negative experience for your visitors, and at the same time, it may harm your site's ranking as well. Alternatively, you can consider creating content that fits the general context of your site, and uses keywords that are perfect in a smart way.

Remove automatically playing videos and audio

Auto-playing videos and audio can cause pages to load slowly, as well as damage your site's ranking in search engines. In addition, including them on your site, causing the depletion of the Internet balance for each user using a limited Internet. Which causes them to leave your site and never think about browsing it again.

احمد ابو المجد
احمد ابو المجد
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