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Free digital marketing course from Google with certified certificate

Free Google Courses With Certification Skill Google offers free online courses containing a variety of free educational content designed to help everyone grow their business or start their career. It also gives you the freedom to choose between participating in a full course or selecting specific modules as you wish.

Free digital marketing course from Google with certified certificate
Free digital marketing course from Google with certified certificate

These courses are a very good introduction to many fields, as they are all related to the quality of jobs required globally. It is known that there are many sites from which you can take free and paid courses, but for reference, these courses are free and from scratch valid for all age groups, who have the desire to explore a new world through reliable educational courses.

Digital Marketing and Get Free Certification Certified by Google

The digital marketing course from Google is an advanced accredited course from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which is granted by Google for free. This course is approved by certified trainers from Google Inc. It includes sets of scientific exercises. A job and a Google-accredited digital marketing certificate give you more chances to get a job if you are looking for a job and increase your resume, and if you are an employee in a company, by taking the course you can develop your career path.

Basics of Google Digital Marketing Course

The course from Google consists of several different stages, divided into a number of hours, and gives the learner the opportunity to watch lessons and videos that deal with a detailed explanation of the digital marketing course.

The digital marketing course includes a number of units, which are 26 units, and in each of these units, there are a number of lessons to explain the digital marketing course from Google.

The course includes 40 hours divided into 26 units, and each unit includes a certain number of hours depending on the course and the lessons in it. The learner can complete the course and watch it at any time, as Google gives the learner freedom where he can view the explanation at any time.

Benefits of taking a free digital marketing course

  1. Interactive Advertising Bureau accredited course
  2. Includes educational videos
  3. It includes a simplified written explanation of the lessons scheduled for the unit
  4. Easily access digital marketing course content
  5. Get a free internationally recognized certificate from Google

How does the free digital marketing course work

By learning the course and starting to watch the detailed explanation of the digital marketing course, after each stage, there is a brief test that you must pass to reach the next stage of the digital marketing course.

After passing the unit tests starting from Unit 1 to Unit 26, there is a final test at the end of the digital marketing course. This final test contains a number of 40 questions.

One of the most important steps to obtaining the approved certificate from Google for Digital Marketing is to pass the final exam, which includes 40 questions distributed over all the course units. You can obtain the course certificate for digital marketing only bypassing that final exam.

Skills learned from the digital marketing course

By learning the course, you will gain several skills, the most important of which is familiarizing yourself with Google statistics, to learn how to collect user data and convert it into usable statistics. Apply now

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احمد ابو المجد
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