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Have you gotten that notice from Microsoft: "Windows 7 has arrived at its End-of-Life... " or something comparable?

That provoked me to hesitantly overhaul my HP Elite work area from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Upgrading to Windows 10? My Experience
Upgrading to Windows 10? My Experience

You may discover my experience entertaining.

While we're reprimanded to "Please Back up ALL of your records before continuing.', in addition to the fact that I do only that, utilizing a program like Acronis True Image, however, I likewise do one other thing: I purchase a substitution HDD or SDD and clone the first mass stockpiling gadget before redesigning.

At the end of the day, I clone my HDD, at that point redesign the cloned plate, sparing the unblemished unique as a definitive reinforcement.

I had recently overhauled my PC from a 1Tb HDD (Toshiba) to a 1Tb SDD (SanDisk Plus). Utilizing my BYTECC cloning machine, the procedure was simple, with no issues. Went smooth as glass.

At that point when I went to utilize my cloning machine to clone that 1 Tb SanDisk Plus SDD to another 1Tb HDD, I got the mistake message, "Source is bigger than Target."

Unflinching, I gave a flawless shot of the case 1Tb WD drive. Got a similar blunder message.

Worried that my duplicator was on the fritz, I purchased another SanDisk Plus 1Tb and embedded it in my duplicator.

Oh dear, got a similar blunder message.


So I returned in my HP Elite files, found a recently cloned HDD Win 7 plate for my P Elite from last April, and effectively cloned it onto that new SanDisk.

The cloned plate was introduced and worked with no issues.

The overhaul from Win 7 to Win 10 was practiced effectively.

My HP Elite work area is currently at Win 10 and all's well with the world!

Be that as it may, presently, I have a more seasoned rendition of my work area.

All things considered, maybe that is not an issue: I have a safe stockpiling of all introduced projects, and furthermore the entirety of my work: I utilize an outer WD MyCloud stockpiling gadget on my LAN. Any missing applications, I can just re-introduce.

Hypothetically, the 'first' HP Elite SDD just has duplicates of downloaded stuff (in its "Download document"), and nothing of any genuine result on the work area or in nearby memory.

Yet, as yet niggling trepidation that by one way or another, someplace, there's something on that unique SDD that I could very well need.

A fundamental motivation to redesign, besides any highlights recorded here, is to exploit signs of progress that accompany fresher innovation; basically encountering the little accommodations and refreshed plan that go with any new working framework can be reviving. A few of the benefits recorded beneath were likewise highlights of Windows 8.1. Be that as it may, a significant objective of Windows 10 is commonality and a lot less difficult expectation to absorb information than Windows 8. From that outlook, Windows 10 plans to give you the smartest possible solution.

What to do?

I have a KingWin EZ-Connect gadget that associates a SATA circle to my PC's USB port.

Maybe that could be utilized to take a gander at and afterward duplicate over records and to such an extent that is on that unique SDD Win 7 establishment to the HP Elite's present Win 10.

Attaching the SanDisk SDD to the EZ-Connect, and afterward snaring the EZ-Connect to the computer,!Viola! I can see the entirety of the documents on the SanDisk!

At that point, it was a simple thing to look and jab and push to discover anything I desired to move to the new establishment!

Luckily, nothing of any genuine outcome had been deserted. Presently my new Win 10 establishment is completely ready for action and my 'lost' records are reestablished!

احمد ابو المجد
احمد ابو المجد
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