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It is an electronic device for processing data or information, and it has a large capacity for storing, retrieving, and processing data, it can be used to write documents, send e-mail, games, and web browsing and is used to modify or create spreadsheets, presentations, and even video files, and it consists of physical and software components.

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Computer and Technology

On it is the hardware, which is any part of the computer. It has a tangible physical structure, such as the keyboard, mouse, and internal parts of the computer. As for the software, it is called the software, which is any part of the instructions.


It is a comprehensive process that applies science and knowledge in an organized body in many fields to achieve purposes of practical value for society, which is the optimal use of scientific knowledge and then its application and adaptation to serve man and achieve his well-being, but the common concept of technology is the use of computers and modern devices, but it is a limited view, the computer Result of the results Technology and technology is a method of thinking and problem solving, and it is a method of thinking that connects the individual to the desired results, that is, a method and not a result, which is the way of thinking in using knowledge, information and skills to reach results to satisfy the human need and increase his capabilities.

knowing that technology is not an Arabic word but it has a synonymous synonym, It is of Greek origin consisting of two syllables; the first syllable Techno means to craft, skill, or art, and the second: Logy means science or study and from it, the word technology means performance science or applied science.

Computer basics:

To deal with the computer there are basics that you should know and we will introduce some of them, as follows:

Computer operation:

To start working on computers, you must first make sure all connections are connected to the correct form and search for the power button, which varies from device to device.

Use the keyboard and mouse:

One of the basics of a computer is that dealing with it directly is through the keyboard and mouse or using the touchpad on mobile devices.

Icons and folders:

When moving to the desktop screen, which is the main screen and from which all computer programs can be accessed, icons are used to represent files and applications, which is a thumbnail that suggests the work of the program or file.

Office suite:

It is the first program that is recommended to install and is characterized by its many services. It is a set of integrated programs that provide the user with the ability to complete a lot of work starting from writing texts using Word for PowerPoint, which helps in designing presentations.

Computer benefits and harms for the computer are great benefits, including:

Solve mathematical equations: Solve numerical problems in a short time and with high accuracy.

Stored and retrieved information: An unlimited amount of information can be stored, guaranteed to maintain, create a database, and easily retrieve at any time.

Display information:

It is easy to create presentations for various institutions, whether for business, seminars, conferences, or documentary information such as weather news and others, such as the PowerPoint program.

The principle of distance learning facilitates:

Many universities offer distance study, exams, and certification, so the learning process is simpler and more enjoyable instead of having to travel to study and get large university degrees.

It is useful in medical matters:

It records all medical data extracted, computerized ray reading, archiving, and easy retrieval.

The computer also has damage, including:

It adversely affects health:

When you sit for long periods on the computer, it causes vision problems, pain in the vertebrae and back, and causes headaches and headaches.

wasting time:

When sitting on the computer for many hours without interest is a waste of time and at the expense of working and studying and neglecting the basic aspects of life and not achieving success in them.

Intrude privacy:

Through spyware, some people known to Internet hackers can break into privacy and know a lot of things about people that are on the devices.

Dismantling the prisoners and isolation:

The computer is one of the most enjoyable things, especially some of the many social networking sites that have destroyed the concept of the family and the links between them.

Technology benefits Technology has many benefits in several areas, including:

Business job:

Technology in the field of business contributes to obtaining reports and increases employee productivity, whether, in works related to clerical work or related to manufacturing work and the ease of service delivery to work or home, technology supports competitiveness and pushes workers forward by opening up to everything new.


It is fast, as time is not an obstacle in the field of communication, clarity, and spread, whether by spreading information or news or sharing knowledge easily, quickly, and near, as technology has evolved and made the world a small place.

Education Field:

Technology has contributed to the experiences of self-learning and immediate response, as many e-learning programs give immediate reference to what the learner is asking, and there are forums for discussion and libraries, and technology increases the number of learners, technology development allows open education for individuals who suffer from some types of disabilities or who live In far places.

Health field: 

Technology gave the field of health flexibility, as it gave doctors the ability to answer patient inquiries very quickly, medical devices helped to complete treatment at home, provide assistance to all, and periodically follow-up to the patient through reports sent via email, which saves time and effort for the patient.


Technology covers all areas of life, from shopping and banking, arranging travel and a lot of things. The tech achieves compatibility and speed in accomplishing tasks and desires, providing contact with others, providing accuracy, and ensuring continuous development that facilitates a person's life.

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