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This year will see the launch of a group of fifth-generation laptops, starting from spring.

Fifth-generation communication technologies are no longer limited to smartphones that started to appear in the last quarter of 2019, to begin the process of making its way towards laptops, which many companies have already begun to reveal their copies during CES 2020, as follows:

A look at the fifth generation laptops 2020
A look at the fifth-generation laptops 2020

Dell Latitude 9510

Dell Latitude 9510 laptop is the lightest of its class with 15-inch screens, as the company announced it during the 15-inch CES conference with a strength of 400 Net lightings, HD resolution, and 1.5 kg with a hull of aluminum and a 30-hour battery that supports Wi-Fi 6 and a technology support option Fifth-generation connection.

The laptop will be available in the market on March 26 next, at a price starting from $ 1,799 and rising according to the added specifications.

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HP Elite Dragonfly G2

HP Elite Dragonfly G2 laptop is the smallest 2-in-1 convertible laptop with a 13.3-inch screen, which is the second generation of the first Elite Dragonfly version that was announced last September, so Elite Dragonfly G2 will come with the option of supporting the fifth generation connection and a number of the attached features As tracking the location of the device, with an expectation that it will be available in the market in the middle of this year.

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Lenovo Yoga 5G

Lenovo Yoga 5G laptop, the first laptop to be supported by Qualcomm 8cx 5G chip for computers and race to be available in the market, as it will arrive this spring at a price starting from $ 1500, with many features of a 14-inch screen with a power of 400 Net lightings and a weight of 1.3 kg and a battery that lasts up to 24 hours According to the company statement.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold laptop 13.3-inch OLED with Windows 10 Pro, the laptop has a touchpad for quick action with the ability to provide a regular keyboard via Bluetooth.

The device will be available in the middle of this year at a price starting from 4,500 dollars so that the option to support the fifth-generation connection will be one of the attached options in the future, according to what the company explained.

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